MCYD Condemns Governor Hogan’s Statement Regarding Syrian Refugees, Call on Maryland Officials to Stand on Facts and Compassion



Thursday, November 19th

Contact: Communications Director Katie Mullen –; President Nik Sushka –

The Montgomery County Young Democrats (MCYD) condemn Governor Hogan’s recent decision to join a chorus of Republican leaders spreading fear and ignoring facts about Syrian victims of terror seeking refuge in our country.

At a time when the United States must be global leaders in aiding victims of terrorist acts, Governor Hogan has chosen to spread misinformation about the federal government’s refugee program. We find it unbelievable that our Governor is unaware of the stringent review process to which refugees are subjected before being resettled in our country or of the many refugees who have made new homes in Maryland and pose absolutely no threat to the safety or security of their neighbors.

Furthermore, his statement is downright shameful in its contradiction of Maryland’s values. Governor Hogan’s partisan decision to not accept Syrian refugees denies our shared American value of freedom, as well as our own state’s founding as a refuge for Catholics fleeing persecution in Europe.

We reject the notion that we are safer as Marylanders by demonizing people of specific nationalities, religions, or other backgrounds. We affirm that Maryland is stronger when we stand for compassion and defend our diversity. And we call on all Maryland leaders to voice their support of our existing, responsible approach to refugee resettlement, even as we work towards a meaningful and constructive response to the threat of ISIS here and abroad.

Ultimately, it will be the federal government’s legal call where refugees are resettled. Maryland should be a state enthusiastically offering our cooperation, not heartlessly ignoring those in great need.

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