Statement from the Montgomery County Young Democrats Regarding the Trump Administration’s Expansion of the Travel Ban

Rockville, MD- The Trump administration’s recent expansion of the list of countries under the travel ban reflects their continued politically motivated efforts to target African and Muslim countries under the guise of National Security.  Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Sudan, and Tanzania will as of February 22, 2020 be added to the list of countries on the ban.

President Trump is already on trial in the Senate for abusing his power and extorting other countries for the sake of advancing his personal political interests in the name of national security.  The misuse of power by President Trump is evident in his most recent efforts to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine in order to have the Ukrainian President publicly open inquiries on Trump’s political rival, Joe Biden. In this case, it can be argued that the most recent expansion is yet another politically motivated move, but in this case, it is to reinforce the notably xenophobic edge of his campaign.

In a disappointing judgment, the Supreme Court upheld the initial ban stating that it is not prejudicial and that it is under the President’s authority to curtail immigration in the interest of national security.  That being said, it should not be under the President’s authority to influence foreign policy for the sole purpose of appealing to their voter base during their upcoming reelection year.

The Montgomery County Young Democrats condemn the expansion of the ban and urges the courts to impede these politically motivated efforts.  Unless something is done, President Trump will continue to manipulate foreign policy for his own personal benefit with a complete lack of regard for the country he governs.