Montgomery County Young Democrats Congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

This is a historic day for our country and a triumph for the American people. Americans have spoken-they have chosen Joe Biden as Vice President and Kamala Harris as Vice President to restore our nation and improve people‚Äôs lives. They have rejected the failed prejudice and corruption of the Trump administration, and sent them packing. 

Biden won a decisive victory-over 75 million votes and millions more votes than Trump. This victory gives Biden a clear mandate to rebuild America, fight and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, and address important issues facing the country. He has vowed to be the President of all Americans and to consider everyone. Above all, Biden has emphasized kindness and empathy instead of the cruelty of the past four years.

We also celebrate the election of our first black and Asian woman Vice-President, and recognize all those who have made this historic victory possible. 

This triumph would not have been possible without the organizing and donations from a great many people. To everyone who made calls, donated to candidates, voted, went up to Pennsylvania to knock on doors-thank you! 

MCYD looks forward to working with the Biden administration and other Democrats to rebuild the economy, defeat the pandemic, and defend the American dream.