Montgomery County Young Democrats Statement on Guilty Verdict in Derek Chauvin Case

On Tuesday jurors found Derek Chauvin guilty of the murder of George Floyd, and we Montgomery County Young Democrats applaud this verdict. George Floyd was murdered in cold blood despite posing no threat to the officers or anyone around him. 

This conviction does not bring George Floyd back or repair the harm done to him or his family. But it does mean that Derek Chauvin will be held accountable for his cruelty and racism, and that is a step forward. We cannot ignore that other police officers stood by and did nothing to prevent the murder, or that policing is too often marred by systemic racism, or that brutalizers of many other black men and women will not be held accountable–but hopefully this marks a turning point where police officers will be punished if they harm someone. 

As Democrats and supporters of justice, we have a responsibility to ensure that this never happens again, to liberate America from racism and oppression, and to create a society where people of color will be protected by the law and its officers, instead of abused. 

Here in Maryland and other places, we must move forward and honor George Floyd’s memory by building on the reforms already passed and working for true peace-which is not merely the absence of conflict but the presence of justice.