Montgomery County Young Democrats Condemn the Supreme Court’s Overturning of Roe v. Wade

The Montgomery County Young Democrats strongly condemn the just decided Dobbs v. Jackson decision, which overturns Roe v. Wade and jeopardizes the right to have an abortion. For fifty years this decision secured the constitutional right to privacy and abortion in the United States, and we are appalled that women and pregnant people in 26 states will soon likely have little or no access to reproductive care. 

Six right-wing justices, disregarding precedent, history, and basic women’s rights, have decided to strip this right away. 

​​Our state legislatures are and will continue to be the last line of defense in the battle for protecting reproductive health, reproductive rights, and women’s rights. Thankfully in Maryland we have a legislature that is committed to these goals. 

MCYD stands firm in our commitment to protect these rights for all Marylanders. 

We will continue to press for legislation that prohibits the criminalization of women, pregnant persons, and those who support them in accessing care. We also urge Governor Larry Hogan to immediately release the $3.5 million in funds for an abortion provider training program that he is withholding. 

Finally, this decision jeopardizes other fundamental privacy rights including access to contraception, marriage equality, and the freedom to be openly gay. Justice Clarence Thomas has already written that he wants to overturn the rulings safeguarding these rights. As a result, MCYD believes we should expand the Supreme Court to limit the damage that these corrupt justices can cause. 

We urge everyone to get involved in fighting for abortion rights, and to march, donate, organize, and run for office. A list of organizations to donate to can be found here.